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 Specializing in the IIoT service and development of critical infrastructure of automated systems has given Global Energy Technologies a proven history of success in the industrial automation industry. Global Energy Technologies has developed its own architectural platform including hardware, cloud-borne Data Analytics and Storage system that supports a broad-class of IIoT solutions. Global Energy Technologies architectural system will adapt to most IIoT platforms for industrial automation systems including continuous process automation, Discrete Manufacturing Systems, SCADA systems, and possible combinations of these. The Global Energy Technologies architecture delivers performance, availability, reliability, safety and security. Whether implementing new or redesigning existing automation systems and cloud computing to the IIoT-based automation system, these applications provide safe, secure and full automation for simple as well as complex manufacturing systems and processes. Focusing on mid size OEM’s Global Energy Technologies is supporting a very large and underdeveloped market in the IIoT market sector.

Global Energy Technologies is developing an automated manufacturing facility for electrical control systems and enclosures. This allows us to develop a large customer base and offer additional products and services such as design, software and technical field services. This will create a huge opportunity to become a full solution provider and establish a long lasting relationship with our customers.


Whether creating new or redesigning existing automation, simplicity and efficiencies are the key components of Global Energy Technologies systems. Global Energy Technologies Virtual Management System (VMS) gives a complete virtualization and intelligence to the OEM and their customers allowing virtual control as well as equipment analytical operations. Giving Global Energy Technologies customers the best possible IIoT solutions for the lowest cost is also a priority and goal of Global Energy Technologies services. Creating a solution to increase profitability through the development of IIoT systems developed by Global Energy Technologies is also a basic philosophy maintained by Global Energy Technologies. Implementing the right technology with the right architecture and performance creates products, service and intelligence that can add to the bottom line. With efficiencies, services and intelligence, this also adds additional products in the market for the OEM and their customers to offer to their customers.


Mr. Trigleth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Global Energy Technologies, LLC. Mr. Trigleth has experience in Technology start-ups when in the early nineties Mr. Trigleth was a Co-Founder of DNA Technologies, Inc. During the time in DNA Technologies the company was the first to design and implement in any convention center in the US, a totally seamless wireless Internet system in the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. DNA Technologies became an Internet provider and built and supported Ethernet services in office buildings in Dallas, Texas when DSL service was just becoming offered in the market. DNA Technologies also built and supported networks for the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, the Dallas Visitors and Convention Bureau as well as Banks and law firms located in Dallas. DNA Technologies supplied the Internet service, network support, desktop support as well as web design and support.

 Mr. Stephen Von Strohe is the Senior IT manager of the IT Data-Cloud System. Mr. Von Strohe is Senior Director of IT and technical development group. Mr. Von Strohe has five years experience in IT service and support with specialized software experience. Mr. Von Strohe is a graduate of DeVry Institute and has a BA in Computer Information Systems. Mr. Von Strohe is the Senior IT supervisor and leader in the development and implementation of Global Energy Technologies Data-Cloud. Mr. Von Strohe manages the support staff of the Data-Cloud System that Global Energy Technologies supports and service offered for it customers.

Ms. Janet Von Strohe maintains the position of executive assistant and has vast experience in management as well as twenty years sales. Ms. Von Strohe was national sales director and Senior Account Executive for eight years for the RK Group. MS. Von Strohe has also been very active in non-profit volunteering and projects such as acting walk director for the San Antonio National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Ms. Von Strohe brings organizational and marketing skills such as social media and Internet networking.


Global Energy Technologies supports complete IIoT design and implementation as a consultant and a contractor. Global Energy Technologies custom designs and recommends IIoT automation systems, services and operations. Engineers and Internet technicians redesign and create new automations systems and services for many different industries. Global Energy Technologies has a well-established foothold and experience in the filter and filtration industry as well as oil and gas equipment currently operating in the oil field.

Global Energy Technologies has designed and developed what is known as the Virtual Management System (VMS). Global Energy Technologies supports and services the mid size original equipment manufacture (OEM). The VMS is a complete automated system that supports IIoT services. The system is a total turnkey product that installs the hardware to control the equipment, connects to the Data based Cloud, Data-Cloud and is accessed through Global Energy Technologies website and custom dashboard to review the equipment’s operating history and have virtual control of the equipment. The VMS allows the transfer of operating history of the equipment to the cloud database and stores that data to be resourced by the operator. The VMS has an analytical capability to optimize the operations and efficiencies of the equipment. The VMS also has the capabilities and responsibility to send and alarm to the Cloud then forward an e-mail to the person responsible for the monitoring and operations of the equipment allowing pre-emptive service and maintenance. The services the VMS maintains are performance, availability, reliability, safety and security. These are the benefits that IIoT services and products bring to the equipment automation environment. These services can also increase sales and revenues to the bottom line for the OEM as well as their customers.

Global Energy Technologies is manufacturing and distributing hardware for the industrial manufacturing industry. The line of hardware is branded the Rhino line of hardware, which presently includes all sizes, and materials of enclosures as well as custom designed and manufactured units. Additional hardware such as controllers and control panels for custom and standard design systems, which includes proprietary software, developed by Global Energy Technologies. Price points are well below industry standards which helps drive down manufacturing and operational costs for their clients.

Global Energy Technologies has a consulting support team that offers services from daily IT support and training to consulting in automation and optimization for manufacturing operations. Technical staffs of Global Energy Technologies have years of experience working with small companies to fortune 500 companies supporting services such as design of manufacturing in automation, optimization and hardware design as well as continuing technical support services.

Global Energy Technologies was contracted to design and create an IIoT system for the iLift. The iLift is an automated lifting system in oil and gas that replaces a traditional pumping unit system for shallow and low volume wells. After months of research and design, the VMS was implemented into the iLift equipment. The iLift is currently being sold and marketed in the oil and gas industry.

Global Energy Technologies has decided to develop an industrialized automated solution for control panel assembly. From years of experience in designing and building industrial control panels it has been easy to understand the demands and size of this market. Global Energy Technologies has identified a world class market and will be the first to design and build a completely industrialized automated control panel utilizing advanced technologies like robotics, proprietary software, optical recognition and other special designed automated system operations.



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