Electrical Control Panel Fabrication


Industrial Control Panel Fabrication

GET Electrical Control Panels provide unmatched flexibility, durability and performance. All of our control panels are built to UL 508A standards and can be engineered for use in an array of applications. GET manufactures Electrical Control Panels ranging from simple, compact control panels for residential use to more complex systems with integrated PLCs, VFDs, communication packages, and more.

Electrical Control Panel Features

  • Custom dimensions and control wiring
  • Integration of any preferred PLC, OIT and/or HMI
  • Both standard and custom powder coated finishes
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel construction
  • Increased longevity and maintenance-friendly designs
  • Integrated battery backup/UPS systems or generator hookup options
  • Sunshields, weather-wraps, cooling systems options
  • UL 508A label as applicable

Electrical Control Panel Applications

  • Storm water pump stations
  • Wastewater lift stations
  • Water pumping stations
  • Treatment plant process area controls
  • Telemetry/network enclosures 

Industrial Control Panel Fabrication


  • Experienced People
  • Efficient Business Operations
  • Advanced Design Software
  • Automated Production Equipment
  • UL Panel Safety Certification
  • Great Technical Support

Find out more about GET and how we can provide a Electrical Control Panel solutions for your company:

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